Main idea of the Great Novena of Fatima

The Great Novena of Fatima is not the kind of devotion which simply requires the saying of specific prayers.  The Great Novena is the desire to unite all the forces and all the hearts which love Mary, in order to help today’s world to learn the proclamation of Fatima and to respond to the requests of  Our Lady.


Although the Novena started on 13 May 2009, anyone who wishes to pray and work for Mary can join in at any time. In Fatima, the Holy Mother invited us to collaborate in the salvation of mankind. Today, standing as we do at the threshold of the 100th anniversary of her revelations, we wish to take to heart this urgent call to participate in the salvation of the world. Therefore the Novena is our prayer, sacrifice, catechesis, apostolate, the preaching of homilies, the invitation to join together in saying the rosary or in observing First Saturdays; all for Mary to be better known and loved by people all over the world, so that the hour of the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart  comes to pass.


What does taking part in the Great Novena of Fatima mean?

1. Saying the rosary, preferably daily. If someone never says the rosary, they have nothing in common with the Novena.

2.  Fulfilling the devotions of the First Five Saturdays. Anyone who does not fulfill these devotions is not a participant in the Novena.

3.  Mindful consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Living the proclamation of Fatima, or taking part in the Great Novena of Fatima, is not possible without dedicating ourselves to Mary.

4.  We take part in the Novena by saying the prayers of the Great Novena of Fatima, for example once a week.

5.  We take part in the Fatima devotions, celebrated on the 13th of the month. However, this is not a compulsory condition.

6.  We deepen our knowledge of Mary by reading books, and learn to love her more each day. None of us can be an apostle of the proclamation of Fatima, if we do not ourselves know it and begin to live it.







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