According to the words of  John Paul II in his act of  consecration and entrustment of the world to Mary, which changed the world

Let us say this prayer as often as possible.  The prayer is based on the words spoken by John Paul II which he directed to Mary on the Feast of the Annunciation 25 March 1984.  The Act of Entrustment, said then, in St. Peter’s Square, Rome, was the fulfilment of the pleas of Our Lady of Fatima, who had asked that this consecration be carried out by the Holy Father together with all the bishops of the world. This Act was accepted by heaven and allowed Mary to begin fulfilling the promises made to us in Fatima. Soon after, without a shot being fired, communism collapsed, nations regained their freedom, the persecution of the Church came to an end. As Sister Lucia said, “The act was the first triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”

The Pope’s prayer had the power to move heaven. This is why, in preparing for the centenary of the appearances, we remind Our Lady, in a way, of the words of The Holy Father, John Paul II. They were effective, they brought miracles. Such has to be our prayer and the whole Great Novena of Fatima.

“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you”
Blessed are thou, Mary, sent by God to Fatima, you, who brought the proclamation of hope to the world, who called us to prayer and penance, asking for reparation for the sins committed by mankind today.

At this time, when your words about the  triumph of your Immaculate Heart are slowly nearing fulfilment, when we say the Great Novena in preparation for the centenary of your appearances in Fatima, we turn to you in the spirit of love, humility, and boundless trust, and together with all the Church, we call to you:

”We ask for your protection, Holy Mother of God”
Today we stand before you, our Mother, Mother of our families, Mother of people and of whole nations. You know all our sufferings and hopes. Your maternal feelings know of our struggle with good and evil, with light and darkness, which makes today’s world tremble. We beg you to accept our pleas, directed through the Holy Ghost,  to  your heart, and encircle this, our world, in your love  - this world, which we entrust to you, fearful as we are of our earthly and everlasting fate, and that of all our brothers and sisters.

With sadness, you said “Many souls are damned”.  You explained, to your spiritual daughter, Lucia, that, “today’s world is more deserving of the flood, than it was in Noah’s day”, and in your Fatima secret you left us a warning, that the world deserves God’s great punishment.  Only God has the power to change the course of our history, to end that civilisation of death which increasingly surrounds us,  and to awaken in people the desire to build a new and better world.  As followers of Christ, called to serve under his banner, standing before You today, in the presence of Your Immaculate Heart, we desire, with all the Church, to join in that sacrifice in which Your Son offered himself to the Father, because of his love for us.  “For their sakes,” he said,” I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth” (J 17,19).  We desire to join with our Saviour in that sacrifice for the world and for mankind, which, in His Godly Heart has the power to beg forgiveness, and redress.

We offer ourselves to You unconditionally, so that every one of us becomes “all Yours” for ever, so that nothing can separate us from Jesus, the Saviour of the world. May our sacrifice, together with the sacrifice of Your Son, have the power to transform the world around us.  May it encompass everyone and rise above the evil which the spirit of darkness is capable of arousing in the heart of man and in his deeds: that which he has already aroused in our times.
We beseech you oh Mary! Reveal to us your Immaculate Heart, which is the path that will lead today’s world to God. We ask “Deliver us always from all evil hazards”
Surrounded by threats and uncertain of the future, we call to You with boundless trust:
Help us to survive the horror of evil, which roots itself so easily in the hearts of today’s people – evil which, with it’s immeasurable effects already weighs down today’s world and appears to close the door to the future!

Deliver us from hunger and war!

Deliver us from atomic war, from incalculable self-destruction, from all war!

Deliver us from sins against the life of man from the earliest times!

Deliver us from hatred and the trampling of the dignity of God’s children!

Deliver us form all unfairness, in the life of our community, our nation and all nations!

Deliver us from trampling on God’s commandments!

Deliver us from attempts to trample the very truth about God in the hearts of man!

Deliver us from the blunting of the sensitivity of our conscience towards good and evil!

Deliver us from sins against The Holy Ghost!

Hear, Mother of ours, this plea, full of the suffering of all peoples! Imbued with the suffering of whole communities!
Help us, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to overcome sin, sin in any shape: in us and around us.
Let our childlike dedication to you, become the tool which You will use according to  God’s will, to hasten the advent of the civilisation of love; that the spring of Christianity will come among us, and blossom in the holiness of our life, and that of our families and all nations.

May the everlasting might of Salvation appear once more in the annals of the world: the might of merciful Love! May it halt evil! May it convert consciences! May the light of Hope reveal itself to all, in your Immaculate Heart.

May your Immaculate Heart change the world.  Amen


According to the words of John Paul II

The words which form the basis of this prayer, were said by the Holy Father, John Paul II during his vigil of prayer in Fatima, on the 12th. May 1991. May they also help us to stay with our Holy Mother, constantly reminding us of her presence, so that we may follow the path to salvation.

Accept, oh Mother of  God, and my Mother,
This Great Novena of Fatima which I say
In Your honour and that of the Holy Trinity’s
everlasting light.
I need this Godly ray
As, filled with unrest, and often lost, I walk in the world,
Virgin of Fatima, walk with me!
Lead me to Your Son! Take me to the harbour of salvation.
Pray for me, a sinner, now, and at the hour of my death!







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