2009 – CERTAIN   OF   VICTORY  -  Confronting the civilisation of death

We stand in face of the greatest confrontation which mankind has experienced through the ages.  I do not think that the wider circles of society, or the wider circles of the Christian community are fully aware of this.   We stand facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, the Gospel, and the anti-Gospel.
Karol, Card. Wojtyła, 9 November 1976

In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.        

Our Lady of Fatima, 13 July 1917

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Worshipers of Mary,
the Mother of Christ, and our Mother.

2017 sees the centenary of the appearances of Fatima.  We believe, that the celebrations awaiting us in a few years will be a time overflowing  with  particular grace.  We also believe that, in keeping with the principles of Fatima, we are all invited to co-operate with heaven in the fulfilment of the great promises revealed by Our Lady. This is why we wish to prepare ourselves for this event, by way of a great, nine year, novena, which started on 13 May 2009 and will end on 13 May 2017.  It will be a time of particular prayer for God’s presence. It will be a time of consecration of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and of living daily with that consecration, the more to grow alike to her Immaculate Heart.  It will be a time of sacrifice, opening heaven to sinners. It will be a time of endurance, at the side of the Immaculate Heart which, as determined by Jesus, is the way to God for today’s world. It will finally be the time for exploring the truth about our Mother, so as to fulfil the wishes of Our Saviour, who stated that He wishes Mary to be “better known and loved”.

The Great Novena of Fatima, is an invitation to those who are completely dedicated to the Holy Mother, and who are aware that we are living through the days which will see the fulfilment of the promises of Fatima which speak of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

It is an invitation to those who would contribute to the approaching hour of Her victory, and the fulfilment of the prophetic vision of Card. August Hlond, frequently referred to by Card. Stefan Wyszyński and The Holy Father John Paul II: „Victory, when it comes, will be the victory of the Virgin Mary.“ We know full well, that both great Polish Primates prophesied, that our fatherland has a particular role to play in „Mary’s victory“

The time has come to put these announcements into effect through our co-operation with God.

Together, we wish to call for the „Spring of Christianity“, and the „civilisation of love“ as contemplated by John Paul II. We also wish to learn how to achieve sainthood  by following his example, by being totally Mary’s.

With all our heart, we wish to take part in the speedy fulfilment of the promises passed on by Sister Lucia – that a „new generation“ is approaching, „the generation of the Immaculate Heart assigned by God, to crush the head of the snake of hell“.

Is time not pressing?  Every single day, Mary could well be repeating the words she spoke in July 1917, about hell, the destination for many poor sinners. We cannot remain indifferent to the spiritual death of any of them. The more so, since in many contemporary appearances, acknowledged by the Church, Our Lady foretells that „Her time“ is nigh, and that our children will live in a different age.  She states this in defiance of the dark clouds which appear to be gathering on the horizon of our times.

For, the future is conditional.  So much depends on us; the world’s morrow is in our hands.  As John Paul II taught us, „christianity is a religion of co-operation between God and man“.  However, it is also the co-operation of man with man.  This is why we align ourselves on the victorious side, and invite you too, to join us in working for Mary.

Serve Her by praying.

Offer Her your difficulties and your suffering.

Be prepared to offer Her your life.

Bear witness to Her approaching triumph, copying Her virtues.

Speak of Her and be Her witnesses.

Uncover the truth of Her Immaculate Heart, and invite others to do likewise.

May the power of merciful love manifest itself in today’s world. May it halt evil, transform consciences and bestow hope and peace upon the world.

The Great Novena of  Fatima can serve  in achieving all of these.  We are convinced, that it is the answer to the signs of the times. Let us remember, that prior to the appearances in 1917, Pope Benedict XV invited all the Church to pray for peace on earth. It was the time of the First World War, and none of the world leaders were inclined to end it.  No-one listened to the Pope’s pleas for peace. Then, Benedict XV directed his pleading prayer  to the Holy Mother.  King’s and presidents did not want to hear his pleas, yet they were heard by heaven.  On the last day of the Novena, which happened to fall on 13th May 1917, the Holy Mother herself descended to earth, in order to show the world the way to peace. She declared, „Say the rosary, to entreat for world peace“.

The 13th of May 2017, sees the centenary of heaven’s response to Pope Benedict and Our Lady’s descent to earth.  The hundredth anniversary of the appearances in Fatima is approaching in leaps and bounds. Is it not the right time to start a new novena in the Church, calling for another miracle from heaven?  It too begins during the pontificate of a Pope called Benedict. –  then it was Benedict XV, now, it is Benedict XVI.   It is amazing that both the beginning of the appearances, and the start of the preparations for their centenary, should be clasped  together by two Popes called Benedict.

Can we not trust, that this time also, heaven will answer our pleas, and – as Sister Lucia believed –  the great promises of Fatima will be delivered before our very eyes:  peace will flow over the world, mankind will return to God, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will become the source of grace which will drown out evil?

The Spring of christianity, the civilisation of love, the victory of the new generation over the generation of satan – the saints have many names for our hopes.  God promised to fulfil them.  He announced this through his envoy, Mary.  He declared, that in his immeasureable mercy, everything is  conditional.  None of those dark scenarios which fill us with dread need happen.  In fleeing to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in dedicating ourselves completely to the Holy Mother, we are safe.  Moreover, we begin to be the tools by which God’s great plans will be accomplished!  

This is why, together with Our Lady, the patron of the Geat Novena of Fatima is God’s servant, John Paul II.  Learning from him, we can become the tools by which the world will be saved from death-bearing evil.  

The Great Novena of Fatima, the nine years preceeding the centenary of the appearances in Fatima, is the „appropriate time“, a time of great grace. We believe that everyone who says the novena with all their heart, will be touched by God’s blessings.  Mary will not abandon her devoted worshipers, those ready to serve her with dedication. Those who carefully listen to the voice of Fatima, will not lose their way.  He who follows in the footsteps of John Paul II will not stand still.  Each person who studies the words of Sister Lucia, will gain wisdom.  Moreover, since he will not be maintaining a lonely vigil by the Immaculate Heart of Mary, will not be praying alone, will not be practising virtue alone, supported by the prayers and sacrifice of thousands of his brothers and sisters, he will never experience spiritual hunger.  He will experience the truth of the Church, that it is a community founded by Jesus Christ, nourished by the sacraments, and with eyes fixed on the sanctity of Mary, Mother of God.

How do we say the Novena?

Individual years have been divided between the proclamations of Fatima. During the Novena, we will be considering the urgent pleas which God has directed to us through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The nine successive years will give us the opportunity to consider various themes connected to the guidline motto for the year.

During this time, where possible, we will join together with those others who wish to become „the new generation“.  On the first Saturday of each month we will celebrate by fulfilling the wishes of Our Lady and comforting her wounded heart.  On the 13th of each month we will join together in celebrating the Fatima rites. Yet above all else, this is a time of personal prayer, meditation and reading, as well as spreading the message of Fatima and sharing our witness of our belief in Mary.

Throughout the time of the Great Novena of Fatima, we will offer our difficulties, suffering, illness and cares, in compensation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  We
will say the rosary as often as possible, learning this prayer according to the teachings of John Paul II in Rosarium Virginis Mariae. As often as possible, we will raise the intention of the Great Novena of Fatima, which is the hastening of the time when the promises of Fatima will come to pass.  Every day, we will say the prayer of the Great Novena of Fatima.  

Mary said, „Jesus wishes me to be better known and loved“ As much as possible, during the Great Novena of Fatima, we will explore the truths about Mary and we will learn to live in that circle of light which surrounds Her.

Brothers and Sisters!

We invite you to take part in the Great Novena of Fatima.  Together, we will work for the Mother of God. We will support each other by prayer and work.

John Paul II called to us „Listen to the voice of ou heavenly Mother.  May all the church listen to it.  May all peoples listen to it, since the Holy Virgin only wishes for the salvation of mankind according to God’s providence“

As Sister Lucia wrote „ To ignore the proclamations of Fatima, is to attempt to close our eyes to the light of grace and forgiveness which God offers to the world with clear conditions: „ If they listen to my pleas, there will be peace…otherwise, Russia will spread its mistakes over the whole world, kindling wars….“ We have no other choice, if love for Mary is in our hearts, and if concern for the future of world is also in our hearts.

Pope Pius XII taught us that „The time for doubts about the appearances in Fatima is over. It is time for action“  John Paul II added, in his sermon at Fatima on May 13th 1982 „ The calls contained in the proclamations of Mary in Fatima are so deeply rooted in the Gospel and in the whole Tradition, that the Church feels that we have a duty to heed them“.

That is why we extend this invitation to you, to take part in the Great Novena of Fatima.

We trust, that the Great Novena of Fatima, full of prayer, reflection and catechism, will assist many people to find the path which leads to „a new, better world“  (John Paul II),  to personal conversion, and the coming of the hour of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary







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